Treatment Methods


"But I'm afraid of needles..."

Usually the first thing people say after the first needle is inserted is, "Thast's it?" They are surprised at how relaxed they feel afterwards, and wish they could stay longer.

Acupuncture treats internal conditions like digestive disorders, gynecological issues and headaches, as well as musculoskeletal complaints (pain, stiffness, aches, etc). Call to find out if we can help.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
a 2000 year tradition

Chinese Herbal Medicine is extremely effective. Thanks to over 2000 years of clinical use, Chinese formulas get to the root of insomnia, elevated liver enzymes, infertility, digestive complaints, edema and more.


Moxa is derived from the herb mugwort, and in clinical practice comes in many forms. It has been used alongside acupuncture for over 3000 years. Moxibustion is the burning of moxa in its various forms in order to warm the body, increase the flow of blood to an area, boost immunity, and treat pain. It is very commonly used to turn breach babies.


Manual therapies
cupping, tuina and guasha

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine utilize more than needles and herbs. Anne is trained in:

Cupping, which uses suction to help pump fresh blood through tight tissue.

Tuina (also known as Chinese Medical Massage), which utilizes techniques developed in martial arts traditions.

Guasha, gentle scraping which stimulates immune function and releases pathogens.