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Welcome to Colville Acupuncture and the clinical practice of Anne Cranston, EAMP, LAc, MAcOM.

Anne is pleased to offer quality natural medicine to Northeast Washington. In her practice, Anne treats each individual's physical, mental and emotional well being by effectively utilizing the modalities of East Asian Medicine (also called Traditional Chinese Medicine). Her goal is to optimize the health of her patients so that they may lead fuller and more joyful lives. In addition to acupuncture, Anne is skilled in Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese medical massage (Tuina), and advice regarding changes in lifestyle, diet, sleep, and exercise.

Colville Acupuncture treats the whole family: children, teenagers, adults, and seniors, and strives to be inclusive of our diverse community. Anne offers a compassionate, non-discriminatory healing space open to all.

You can learn about Treatment Methods by scrolling down. Download forms and read about what to expect during visits in the patient information section. 

Anne offers free 20 minute consultations to learn more about acupuncture and explore treatment plans if you decide to pursue a path to healing through Chinese Medicine. Email or call 509-675-0062 for more information. You can also book an appointment online.


Treatment Methods

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Chinese Herbal Medicine: a 2000 year tradition

Chinese Herbal Medicine is extremely effective. Thanks to over 2000 years of clinical use, Chinese formulas get to the root of insomnia, hot flashes, infertility, digestive complaints, edema and much more.


Moxa, derived from the herb mugwort, has been used alongside acupuncture for over 3000 years. In clinical practice, moxibustion is the burning of moxa in its various forms in order to warm the body, increase the flow of blood to an area, boost immunity, and treat pain.

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acupuncture: "But I'm afraid of needles..."

After the first needle insertion people usually say, "That's it?" Acupuncture needles are hair thin and inserted with great care to avoid pain. Patients are surprised at how relaxed they feel during the treatment, and afterwards often wish they could stay longer.

What does Acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture effectively treats musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain/sciatica, tennis elbow, degenerative joint diseases and sprains. In addition, acupuncture treats internal conditions such as digestive disorders, gynecological issues, autoimmune disorders, headaches/migraines, addiction and more. For a full list of what acupuncture treats, visit


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Manual therapies:cupping, tuina and guasha

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine utilize more than needles and herbs. Anne is trained in:

CUPPING, which uses suction to help release static blood from tissue, replacing it with fresh blood. This action loosens tight muscles as oxygen and nutrients enter the area.

TUINA (also known as Chinese Medical Massage), which utilizes massage techniques developed in martial arts traditions.

GUASHA, which uses gentle scraping to stimulate immune function, relax tissue and release pathogens.