Positive experience, every session!! I have been going to Colville Acupuncture for about one year. I started out going for stress, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. Anne has helped with all of these and my sleep has not been this regular in years! That alone would keep me coming back…but wait, it doesn’t stop there. I have relief of neck and back pain too. It is my feeling that Anne listens to me in a nonjudgmental way and is tuned into my needs and I assume the needs of all her patients. She has an amazing ability to pinpoint issues and treat them accordingly. If you are on the fence about trying acupuncture, I strongly encourage you to give Colville Acupuncture a try. It has improved the quality of my life, without a doubt!
— KB

As a local Chinese Medicine Practitioner, people often ask me from whom I receive acupuncture. I am happy to have found Anne and to entrust her with this task. I am greatly impressed with her training, skills, and techniques and I have had good results from her treatments. Additionally, she is an extremely caring and approachable practitioner.
— Lauri McKean, EAMP

I started going to see Anne Cranston when I became very sick. I wanted to do something new to improve my health. On my first visit, she did a thorough assessment of my past and present health issues. I felt much better after this visit.  I was actually able to sleep after she put the needles in on this first visit. With Anne’s wonderful knowledge of acupuncture, healthy eating advice & Chinese herbal medicine, my health and energy have definitely improved, & it is helping in my weight loss without counting calories, points or expense.

I am very happy now to have a very balanced plan in getting healthy thanks to Anne.
— SD

I have been a patient at Colville Acupuncture since May 2016.
I have severe COPD. She was able to clear up the congestion in my chest and relive the pain due to Morton’s neuroma I have been experiencing in my feet.
I would highly recommend Anne Cranston.
— RR

Anne is has such a great presence in the treatment room. She helped me to navigate my anxiety through a very acute time, and always listened to my concerns with compassion. Anne does a wonderful job creating a grounded healing environment, and I always left feeling much more balanced. Her treatments helped take me out of a state of panic and brought me much needed equilibrium. I highly recommend Anne as a practitioner!
— MF

I have received many acupuncture treatments from different acupuncturists over the years, and it is my honor to comment on Anne Cranston. She has a unique ability to convey confidence in her manner and approach to treatment. Anne is thorough and sincere in her assessment as she develops her plan. She has mastered the technique of needle insertion and has excellent knowledge of placement. Anne initially treated me for a severely injured leg after a fall. She has also treated me for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Anne is also well versed in herbal remedies. Since I’ve had such wonderful success with acupuncture and massage, herbal treatment is not part of my usual protocol. In my experience acupuncture is a miracle therapy! Anne is a wonderful lady and you will enjoy the experience of meeting her. Her approach to treatment is impeccable. She has my highest recommendation on a personable and professional level, in both her ability to assess the situation and obtain results.
— Ben

I’m new to the Colville area and wanted to find an acupuncturist. Not just a person good at acupuncture but a nice and caring person. And I found her in Anne.

I first came to have treatment for my herniated L3/L4 with sciatica and the treatment really helped alleviate the pain. On a subsequent visit she helped me with my migraine headache condition. And more recently I had stiffness and pain from a “pulled” right trapezius. By the next day the pain and stiffness had decreased dramatically. I’m so happy to have found such a competent acupuncturist. You can’t put a price on your well being.
— BK